This independent non-profit website operates as a community service for local residents seeking and sharing information about the construction, commissioning and future operation of the Watford Lodge Wind Farm, located just outside the village of Watford, Northamptonshire.

The shape of things to come - Five MM92 turbines like those ordered for Watford Lodge already operational near Yelvertoft
The shape of things to come – five MM92 turbines already operational near Yelvertoft

This website has no connection with the current wind farm operators Broadview Energy, the originators of the planning application Volkswind UK , the landowners, or the consortium of investors that own the wind farm business, Eolian 2 Limited.

To begin with, Volkswind UK publicly expressed an apparent desire to engage positively with local people and keep them informed. They launched and previously operated a ‘Community Consultation Website’ from the web address www.watfordlodgewindfarm.co.uk

That website stated:

“We feel we have a commitment to keep the local community informed of our proposed wind farm near Watford in Northants. We have thus created this website in order to involve you in the development process and to let you have your say.”

An archived version of that abandoned Volkswind website  can be viewed by clicking here. This launched in 2009 and disappeared abruptly late in 2014 when control of the site passed over to Broadview Energy.

7th June – Turbine foundation reinforcement and shuttering awaits the concrete pour and base ring installation

The ‘Communities’ page of the Broadview Energy  website  states that the company has a policy of establishing  a ‘dedicated’ website to provide information about each of their developments. Specifically, they say :

Broadview prides itself on undertaking a thorough, open and transparent approach to community engagement as it is important to work closely with all interested parties likely to be affected by the development of a wind farm.  On all of our sites we aim to build strong relationships with local communities from an early stage in the development process, and then maintain these throughout the lifetime of the project.

To date, Broadview Energy has not matched this positive PR spin on community engagement with deeds.

Prior to 10th June 2015 Broadview would not publicly confirm that they were actively developing the site at Watford Lodge. The site acquisition  was not mentioned on their website, nor the relationship with their client Eolian 2 Limited. The sustained and bizarre attempt to evade public scrutiny continued long after large scale construction commenced  in December 2014.

On 10th June 2015  Broadview Energy finally  buckled under mounting pressure and publicly admitted for the first time that they had been orchestrating the construction of the Watford Lodge Wind Farm from the day that work first began in December 2014. To download and review the brief press release confirming the acquisition of the Watford Lodge Wind Farm (.pdf, 115kb) please click here.

That reluctant, tersely worded, public admission from Broadview came after seven months of frantic construction activity  surrounding the wind farm site and many hundreds of HGV vehicle movements though the village over deteriorating roads, clogged by continuous  roadworks initiated at their request. During this period no consultation or dialogue with local people took place.

The video above was shot two days before Broadview issued their press release retrospectively announcing the commencement of construction.

The 4.6 metre diameter tower base rings for five MM92 125 metre turbines are already on site.  Several base rings are installed and the other foundations are approaching completion. The remaining turbine components will pass through the village centre as a series of around 40 huge abnormal loads very soon.

This independent forum has therefore become essential to allow local people to share scarce news and exchange views.

Please share this site’s web address with your local social media contacts to spread the word!


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15 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Already a vast scab on the landscape, rather different to the story that Gamesa once gave out about temporary access tracks.
    The laying of associated cables passing through Watford Village this summer will cause upset and difficulties for the residents until August. No mention of the windfarm was mentioned on the circular delivered to explain our summer season of chaotic noise. dirt, traffic lights, et cetera.

  2. How can it be, that the construction work has been going on for almost three months and yet most residents are completely unaware that construction has commenced?

  3. why when building a house in a beautiful area, usually a conservation area, the powers that be want you to pick the right stone or brick to fit in with the land it is situated,usually at great expense to you or I. Yet the wind farm company can scar the beautiful landscape with working roads that are white. White sticks out like a sore thumb. Least try and blend in a little.

  4. I just love wind turbines; we should just all be happy, Sheila comments just goes to show that there isn’t a problem here. I love living here

    1. Ash, I’m so glad you are happy.
      If you lived on the route the trucks use, you would know what Sheila doesn’t. The volume of site traffic has been building steadily for some time. I was run off the road (I believe intentionally) by a large truck last week pulling out of the track by Frost’s farm. Having received an apology from the company concerned, I note they have now traffic lighted this exit.
      My wife and I planned our house with large windows overlooking the avenue of trees leading up to the Henley Bridge and beyond. I am not so happy with what I will now see, and the loss of value of my property.

  5. The building of this wind-farm represents the complete failure of the democratic system. The Parish Council were against it; The District Council voted against it. Over 90% of the village were against it. The wind -farm was imposed on this community by an official from the Planning Inspectorate who had no democratic mandate at all. The lack of efficiency of wind-farms, and their failure to supply power when it is needed most is known and universally derided. They exist solely for the economic advantage of those who develop them and those upon whose land they stand. Their size and constant movement means that they will always dominate the historic landscape upon which they are imposed, and the scale and depth of their concrete bases means that the land can never again be returned to the plough. The instant urbanisation that they bring with them constitutes the greatest threat that the British countryside, for so long the envy of the world, has ever had to face. A tiny hand-full of individuals will grow rich, whilst impoverishing the lives , devaluing the property, and ruining the rural environment of the remainder of the community.

  6. Be interesting to see if they keep to their promises made in the planning hearing on all aspects that they impact on including people, wildlife and the countryside…..having found them rotten to the core and a total amateur outlook i very much doubt it….lets hope DDC have balls and enforce their promises and commitment.

    1. You should use website to contact the wind developers direct and not rely on the wee man at DDC who im sure will not follow up with inspections like a house build at various stages to ensure promises and commitments are being followed…. instead any questions to DDC im convinced now will get a frosty reception.

  7. In the interests of balance and for this website to retain it’s credibility, i think it’s only fair to point out that the photograph of the ‘spoil heap’ adjacent to the Old Lodge, off the gated road to Crick is in fact the farmers own muck heap.

    1. Hi 123

      Thanks for pointing this out. We have amended the caption below the photo on our Complaints page to make it clear that the pile of material deposited adjacent to the Old Lodge is a large ‘muck heap’ rather than a spoil heap.

      The photo in question will be removed in the next few days as part of a general refresh of the page layout.


      The Webmaster

    2. Is this heap Biosolids, which I am told is human waste with some industrial content bought cheap from Birmingham? If the fields that the footpath is routed over have been treated with this stuff, I would advise walkers to avoid the area, particularly if they have dogs.

  8. Hi
    I have noticed you have yet to remove the photo of the muck heap.
    The lorries started coming through the village since December and no one noticed
    And your Jurassic Way public footpath video shows a walk along side a hedge on the Watford lodge land this is not correct the Jurassic Way public footpath has always been under the henley bridge and straight across the middle of the field in front and then to the stile .

    1. Hi Chris

      A local resident contacted us to comment on the size of the heap and the thoughtlessness of siting this so close to someone’s house. Whilst this siting might be due to Wind Farm construction constraints we have chosen to remove the photo. Agricultural practices fall outside the remit for this site.

      Construction traffic at Watford Lodge commenced without prior community consultation or any public announcement. To contrast this approach with the sensitive and transparent way that Vattenfall acted throughout their recent wind farm development at Swinford see:


      If you refer to the definitive footpath map published by the County Council, reproduced on our ‘Footpath Closure’ page you will see the official line for footpath FF6. This appears to reflect the route taken by the walker in the video shot in 2008.

      The Webmaster

  9. Just thought I’d share my communication with Broadview Passing the buck then!!!!

    —–Original Message–
    Dear Julia,

    Please accept our apologies for the delay in responding.

    By way of background, Watford Lodge Wind Farm was purchased by Eolian Two Limited (Eolian) in November 2014 from Volkswind GmbH. Broadview Energy Limited has been appointed by the Eolian Board of Directors to manage the construction and operations of the wind farm, and whilst there are common directors, Broadview has no ownership interest in the wind farm.

    Broadview will be updating their website and issuing a press release shortly but if you have any more queries relating to the construction or operations of the wind farm then please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

    Kind Regards

    Claire Shears
    Office Manager
    Broadview Energy Limited
    Ground Floor
    100 Gloucester Place
    W1U 6HT
    020 7268 9910

    —–Original Message–
    From: Julia
    Sent: 05 June 2015 09:05
    To: Info email
    Subject: Watford village Northamptonshire

    Hi originally sent this a week or so ago (25.05.15) BUT not had a reply. Dissapointed

    —–Original Message–

    Hi just wondering when you are going to publish your interest/actions on Watford village wind farm?

    Julia Powell

  10. After just 2 1/2 turbine deliveries through the village – you cannot fail to notice that there are 5 large cracks in the historic wall on the bend in the village, plus 3 areas where the coping stones have been knocked off – will we have any wall left standing by the time all deliveries have been made ??
    I have taken photos & forwarded them to the Parish Council who are going to chase repair costs.

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